Celebrate Your Sober Date With a Cause

Your sober date should be one of those annual milestones that you celebrate like you would celebrate your birthday, anniversaries, and holidays. This date carries a powerful meaning and it's important that you keep this purpose in your mind as you continue a lifetime of recovery.

Our jewelry pieces, personalized handmade sober date plate bar necklaces are the perfect gift of encouragement and love for you or your love ones.


Their jewelry is such powerful way to keep my recovery journey close to my heart and mind. It was a perfect BFF gift for me and my friend!

Sarah, L.

It's such a simple thought yet it means so much for people who want to remind themselves of how far they've come!

Jason, K

I love how interactive and supportive this community is with its members! I've purchased a few jewelry pieces to keep them within the family so that we can be reminded of the journey that we went through.

Laura, S